KCLR Pride is a month long radio station broadcasting through International Pride Month, June 2024. Its overall aim being to educate, inform, celebrate and raise awareness of LGBTQI+ issues, encourage inclusion and tolerance, and empower queer voices less heard across Carlow and Kilkenny.


 KCLR Pride is funded by Comisiún na Meán with the Television Licence Fee.      


Click on listen live for a mix of music, content and information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes: 

I'm Out Out - 20 local LGBTQI+ people, of all ages and from a wide variety of communities and backgrounds, tell their coming out stories. Coming out can be THE most important moment of someone's life. For many it's a real struggle, and something that can be put off for years. From coming out to their parents as gay or pansexual, or in their workplace as trans or lesbian, we hear some very personal and often very powerful stories. 

My Big Gay Playlist - 10 local LGBTQI+ people pick their favourite songs of all time, each song being accompanied by them telling the story behind that immensely personal choice of music. 

It's Just Me - 20 local LBTQI+ people talk about their "happy" place, the place that makes them feel most comfortable allowing them to truly be themselves. It could be the countryside or it could be cooking, it could be singing or it could be swimming. Whatever it is, it reflects who they are, not who they’re perceived to be.

There's Something We Need To Talk About - a no holds barred series of 6 panel based debates with experts focussing on LGBTQI+ life.

If you'd like to get involved drop a note to us through this email address pride@kclr96fm.com or fill in this form: